Economy Notes pdf for UPSC Civil Services Examination

The economy plays a crucial role while studying UPSC. It enables us of thinking about how we are growing, how we can become more self-reliant. We’ll understand all these things through these economy notes pdf provided in this article.

The Economy is the favorite subject of UPSC. The Economy plays a critical role in the growth of any country or household.

We study Economy in two parts,

  • Microeconomy – where we study economy at a small level for example, household economy.
  • Macroeconomy – is the study of economy at a large extent, like for a country

Economy notes for UPSC pdf free download for UPSC CSE.

These notes will give you an idea of preparing the Economy for the Civil Services Examination. Candidates willing to appear in the examination must go through these notes.


But notes are always not enough unless you understand how things are going on in the Economy. So we advise you to go through Economy Books as well. You can read Sanjeev Verma, Ramesh Singh, or Mrunal Notes(lecture).

Download the Economy notes for UPSC for free in pdf format. These notes are handy for UPSC Prelims and Mains, PSC, and other economics exams. With these notes, you’ll learn about the Indian Economy, demand in an Economy, Supply, Theory of cost, the theory of production, and much more.

You can download the best study material for the UPSC exam in pdf and read essential articles on current issues here on To Download Economics notes, please click on the link given below.

Click here to Download Economy notes for UPSC pdf.

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